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Mo Foods Mill Ancient Foods For Better Living.

Venture Profile Mo Foods Mill image of Agriculture Narrative

For women who seek to improve the Nutritional intake in their Meal, Mo Foods Mill is a food processing company that specializes in producing highly Nutritious products from locally available herbs, vegetables, and fruits, and make them accessible and ready for use. We achieve this through a sustainable business model, that is built around social impact, food safety, and economic growth.
On average most of the Farmers make more than 6x normal, they use their profit to cater to their families. We work to ensure we grow, process, and produce organic products with high-quality standards ensuring social impact.
Since inception, Mo Foods mill has been able to equip over 100 plus women with Nutrition education and engage more than 10 women farmers in our farmer engagement Program, gradually we are changing the narrative of nutrition and economic status of women in Africa.

SectorsAgritech, Food and beverage
LocationAkure, Nigeria
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