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Mkulima Young Farmers for farmers

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In Kenya, over 75% of the population is youth. According to the ministry of agriculture, the average age of farmers is 60 years against a life expectancy of 65.
Problems that Mkulima Young is addressing include;
1. Low income for farmers. Farmers sell their produce at the farm gates to middlemen. The value chain between the farmer and consumer expands, meaning farmers receive a small proportion of the final price paid by consumers.
2. Indirect access to markets.Prohibitive transport costs and lack of infrastructure and storage results in a high risk of post-harvest wastage and deter most farmers from bypassing middlemen and selling directly to the market or consumers.
3. Limited access to agricultural information despite having 83% internet penetration in the country.
4. . Lowered productivity in the agricultural sector. It is estimated that Kenya imports about 90% of the total rice demand and about 75% of the total wheat demand. The import margin threatens food security.

LocationNairobi, Kenya
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