Miya Enterprise Agriculture for sustainability

Fish consumption has many health benefits, as it supplies nutrients and vitamins to complement the customer’s diet.

My business would be planned in a way that fish would be available in the farm all year round. That way, I would be able to meet the customer’s ever-increasing demand for fish. It would be made available always and exported to customers in other countries.

I would also preserve the fish properly. Some fish would be sold fresh, while some would be smoked and spiced nicely to meet the customer’s needs.

This method is unique and innovative because spiced smoked fish isn’t common in the market and fish farmers don’t really process their fish themselves, they sell to those who would process it.

I would make use of social media to promote my business, and also provide a convenient means of delivery to customers.

StageIdea/Concept stage EST June 2020
SectorsFish farming, Packaging
LocationLagos, Nigeria
Customer modelB2C
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