Mist Ventures Limited Elevating the food value chain

Mist Ventures Limited has developed an Industrial Kitchen. This is basically a factory that produces fresh home made products under strict conditions of hygiene and sanitization. The kitchen centres around 3 product lines; Catering, Fresh Juice and Bakery.

The Juice line concentrates on the production and packaging of fresh juice. By using and maintaining cold temperatures, the juice retains its sensory and nutritional value while remaining safe for consumption over a prolonged period of time.

Our fresh juice idea is unique because it is tailored to maintain as much of the nutritional and sensory value in juice as is possible. With a growing number of health conscious individuals, our product is one of the answers to nutrition problems arising from processed drinks.
The refrigeration technology behind preserving the juice is simple and is easily applicable in any urban centre.

Stage Growth stage EST March 2017
Sectors Food and beverage, Food production
Location Kampala, Uganda
Markets Uganda
Customer model B2C
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