Miripote Potatoes Bio for All

AGRIBIOCAM aims to set up an agro-industrial site which ranges from the production of the organic potatoes to their marketing, through their processing, thanks to specific sites for each activity, one will have: An essentially organic production component: We will produce mainly potatoes on an area ranging from 2 to 5 hectares and in parallel with carrots and cabbage on respectively 01 hectares each. This will involve setting up the sites and launching the production (cleaning; ploughing; planting of the bions; planting and harvesting). A treatment component: Thanks to a treatment plant where we are going to store, and the sorts of our products on one side (separate the products for marketing, seeds for the next crop and the bad potatoes that will be preserved and which will serve as compost for other crops) and on the other side the other products.
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Sectors Agribusiness
Location Ngaoundere, Cameroon
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