MightHouse PTY Limited Traditional Book Publishing involved in Book Reseller program

MightHouse is a reformer of publishing, the creator of a new and healthier book industry that is targeting the global market to entertain and attract foreign investor to boost the local economy,
Due to Joblessness and the shortage of Book stores in the country, the Book reseller program will serve as network marketing program.
Therefore, MightHouse partner direct with the public to establish the Resellers program, which are present to often use their own marketing teams to run promotions or campaigns about books, which the commercial market have or haven’t reached.

MightHouse Will Profit From sales of Books ( a commission of 70% from each book for MightHouse And 30% For the Partners) and Subscription
 5 Titles and 250 copies of books Per Title at $ 20
 15 Titles at 250 copies of books Per Title at $ 50
 30 Titles and 500 copies of books Per Title at $ 100
 100 Titles and 1000 copies of books Per Title at $ 2 50
 500 Titles and Unlimited copies of books Per Title at

SectorsE-commerce, New media, Wholesale
LocationGermiston, South Africa
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