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Menokws Private Business Corporation Lower the cost of healthcare in Africa through innovation.

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Menokws Private Business Corporation

Menokws Private Business Corporation

Africa suffers from a problem of cost and availability of machines in the health sector. The cost of a EMR software is about $250,000 that of a ventilator in the order of $25,000 per unit. All this money being required in cash from the buyer. The ventilator density is about 9 per 1 million people. 50% of deaths due to accidents are attributed to this lack. At Menokws we are working on dual solution to solve these problems. We are developing an IoT ventilator and other medical machines; and an E.H.R system. The ventilator is now 90% complete in terms of design whilst the E.H.R is at 30% complete. The E.H.R is scheduled for installment at CBD Hospital in Harare in the first quater of 2023.

SectorsElectronics, HealthTech, Information technology
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