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MedixSearch Optimizing Pharmaceutical Field Sales Operations

MedixSearch Limited is a software company specialized in optimization of pharmaceutical field sales operation. MedixSearch was setup especially to help eliminate the manual sales and distribution processes of Pharmaceutical products.

MedixSearch has developed a cloud solutions as a service called Field Sales Force Automation (FISFA).  

FISFA is design to enhance the daily collection and reporting of sales information such as customers orders, customers cash and cheques payment and more in real time to all stakeholders.

FISFA empowers sales reps by providing important information such as customers outstanding debts, detailed customer list, product catalogue and others.

FISFA provides management with vital information (total amount of cash and cheques received from customer daily, total overdue invoices etc.) that are needed for important management decision making.


Sectors Computer software, Pharmaceuticals, Software as a Service
Location Ghana
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