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MedixSearch Enhance Your Retail, Wholesale and Distribution Business

SalesAutomate by Medixsearch is a cloud-based retail, wholesale and distribution software for day-to-day operations such as POS, stock control, field sales data capturing and accounting. Adds visibility which provides insight to business owners who are busy or who are not always available in person at the company’s premises.

With an easy-to-understand dashboard and reports, a non-IT business stakeholder is able to understand the data presented and is able to use SalesAutomate.

SalesAutomate provides the means to capture field sale data such as customer orders, customer debt payments and more.

SalesAutomate also empowers sales reps by providing them with meaningful information such as customer outstanding debt, detailed customer lists, customer location with GPS coordinates, product catalogues and others.

SalesAutomate provides management with vital information such as the total amount of cash and cheques received from customers daily, overdue invoices and more.

Sectors Computer software, Pharmaceuticals, Software as a Service
Location Tumba, Sweden
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