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Meaningfool Consultoria, Lda. HEALING FOOD TO EVERYBODY


A multi-cultured team of highly technically qualified people:

Ana Vaz – Head of Project and Managing Director. 15+ years of professional experience mostly as a Manager and member of the board at several companies in Mozambique. With a degree in Bcom Accounting (Rand Afrikans University), she is also qualified to design and manage aquaponics systems. A visionary she dreams about helping to resolve one of the main African problems – malnutrition. This moved her to search for the best ways to bring good healthy food to everybody along with raising women’s living standards and giving them real empowerment over their lives.

Jose Botelho – Operations Manager will supervise day-to-day tasks. He will procure the best equipment and suppliers, as well as in staff selection and hiring. Responsible for all theoretical and practical training. He will also act as a commercial manager, establishing and implementing strategies, looking for potential clients and leading c