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Masterminter International Currency raised to the square

Cover image of Masterminter International, Blockchain venture on VC4A

With our fintech project, we aim to tackle the issue of the western capitalist system that is plaguing the world today by providing an excellent escape route to the status quo and an ideal alternative to the existing set of fiat and crypto currencies including CBDC’s.

The Hayek prime² stablecoin is designed with the objective to bridge the gap by combining the best and eliminating the worst of two worlds. The benefits of fiat-crypto currencies on the one hand, while at the same time eliminating the shortcomings associated with fiat-crypto and stablecoins in particular on the other hand.

This way it will be possible to transform the challenges in the financial industry to opportunities and shift to a non debt-based economic system that prioritizes life over financial values, thereby raising the values of society and overcoming the remoteness and inequality that exist between the different segments of society, while enhancing inclusive growth and economic stability worldwide.

Sectors Blockchain, Fintech
Location Larache, Morocco
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