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Marula Proteen Ltd We turn organic waste into feed and fertiliser using insect technology

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Marula Proteen Ltd

Marula Proteen Ltd

Uganda and its cities are facing three mayor problems: 1. uncollected and untreated waste, polluting the city, the environment, and posing a public health hazard; 2. low agricultural productivity due to lack of agricultural inputs; and 3. staggering rates of youth unemployment. We feed the organic waste from Kampala’s markets and food processing companies to larvae of the Black Soldier Fly. After a short rearing period of 8 days the larvae, which are rich in protein and fat, can be harvested, dried, and the fat can be extracted. Thereby, the larvae are turned into protein feed and fat, both high-quality and affordable feed products. The larvae also turn the organic waste into a valuable organic fertiliser. This process is fully circular and dramatically lowers the costs as well as GHG emissions of waste management in Kampala, while creating a local value chain, providing meaningful jobs for Ugandas youth.

SectorsAgribusiness, Clean technology, Waste management and recycling
LocationKampala, Uganda
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