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Martisa FARMS Limited CLEAN, fresh and healthy

Cover image of Martisa FARMS Limited, Animal farming venture on VC4A

Martisa FARMS Limited

Martisa FARMS Limited

Martisa Farms Limited produces broiler chickens, village chickens and pigs. The biggest challenge is that the market is very unpredictable, month in , month out prices of raw materials keep on changing but the prices of raw chicken and pig meat is static which makes it difficult to plan and be profitable in a lot of seasons. On the other hand, we have no control on setting up the price, the law of demand and supply on a particular day is what is play on the local markets. Our innovative unique solution is to begin to value add our products so that we increase the shelf life of our products and be at easy to sale our products in more reasonable time frame with profit unlike what usually happens when our chickens and pigs are ready for sale, we are always in a hurry to sale because any further delay implies increased production cost that take away all our profit so for fear to loses by increased production cost, we resort to selling at the price the market demands on that day or week.

Sectors Animal farming, Crop farming, Food production
Location Chingola, Zambia
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