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Marc1 We help brick and mortar retailers make more money

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Brick and mortar retailers are facing big challenges to survive. The in-store point of sale technology they have been sold is not evolving into the digital age.

We have built some advanced tech that incorporates amongst other things, machine learning, cloud computing and being IOT enabled. But the real value is not the tech that we have built, but rather the business outcomes we have helped realise.

Just like the use of wearable technology transformed personal fitness tracking (previously only elite athletes tracked heart rate, steps, sleep, etc.) we are transforming physical retail with the ability to in real-time track customer behaviours, payment mechanisms and transactional information and giving every day retailers the competitive edge that was previously reserved for the top tier players. Don’t think of us as a POS provider; we are a real-time feedback mechanism that links in-store actions to financial outcomes and helps retailers drive better performance at scale.

Sectors Retail, Retail and wholesale
Location Sandton, South Africa
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