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Mapane It's easier to get around

Cover image of Mapane, Environmental services venture on VC4A

In several AFRICAN countries, people always face problem of :
– Losing Time : Due to Traffic jams, Traffic Incidents, Inability to anticipate road incidents that influence traffic.
– Missing roads & avenues names : Difficulty to find places and roads due to unused addresses, lack of physical addresses, lack of effective referencing.
– Insecurity: in case of danger, it is impossible to report the situation of insecurity or to call the appropriate services.
– Insalubrity: the cleaning of the cities and the collection of the garbage is not always done in an optimal way because the responsible entities do not have often the good information on the places to clean in priority.
MAPANE allows peoples to :
– Save and anticipate time when moving by allowing the community to make instant alerts of roads incidents
-Allows the population to report unhealthy areas of the city so that the information is forwarded in real time to the authorities in charge
– Allows to fight against insec

Sectors Environmental services, Mobile, Transport and logistics
Location Douala, Cameroon
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