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Malnutrition Matters Affordable nutrition and jobs with soyakit: Home Business in a Box

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Malnutrition Matters

Malnutrition Matters

The SoyaKit addresses the last-mile challenge of chronic malnutrition, especially deficiency of protein and micronutrients, by enhancing access by the poor to nutrient-rich foods. At a retail price of $300 or less, it enables hyper-local production of various nutrient-rich soyfoods in a time-efficient, fuel-efficient and hygienic manner, that enables profitable and sustainable production of fortified nutrient-dense foods affordable by those earning circa $2/day. The SoyaKit enables women or youth to produce these nutritious foods on a flexible part-time or full-time basis, and to earn a profit of $2 to $6 per day on production of 15 to 50 liters of food. The SoyaKit can be used in a very basic home kitchen, and requires primarily soybeans, water and a heat source to make soy foods including flavored soymilk, yoghurt and tofu. These foods can also be readily fortified with a commercially produced micro-nutrient pre-mix at a cost of ¼ cent per dose.

The foods are a

SectorsFood production
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