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Mali Autism Awareness Center Just a different ability!!

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We are a transitional therapy centre focusing on early intervention for children with Autism from the age of 3 to 10. We create awareness on Autism & it’s related disorders. We train parents and caregivers, we aim to demystify what autism is, how it can be identified at an early stage in life and what to do. We need funds to train professionals in this field, to set up therapy centres in the 47 counties of Kenya and for our online,media and ground awareness campaigns. We need toys, we need play area games. We also need partners who will open up their platforms for our online campaigns, support us in capacity building and the growth of our vision. We aim to educate, empower & support those affected by Autism directly or indirectly. Early intervention is the only key to giving our children a chance to live an independent life. Can you hear us!!

SectorsHealthcare, Healthcare providers and services
LocationNairobi, Kenya
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