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MADE in CONGO For products that are always more fresh, and always more local!

Cover image of MADE in CONGO, Agritech venture on VC4A

GSK-AGRIFOOD is a technology platform offering end-to-end agricultural services based on the value chain approach. This is aimed at strengthening the resilience of farmers through sustainable and innovative agriculture.

Our solution is simply to organise small farmers into a chain of values, and thus provide them with a full range of the necessary activities such as: supply and extension of inputs, training on production and processing, after-harvest handling and transport of foodstuffs, distribution and access to the consumer market through the marketing of producers with consumers via a short-circuit sales system, to rationalise logistics and to eliminate costly intermediaries. This brings added value to this sector and promotes the prosperity and resilience of farmers.
Our economic model is thus focused on the committee.

Sectors Agritech
Location Congo
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