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Maashallah Fancy Fabric Home of fancy and quality clothing materials


Our team is composed of hardworking and steadfast members. We are actually team of similar purpose and focus to get the company to its peak of thriving.

We believe we can actually prosper when we do not relent but keep on pushing till we arrive the target destination.

Our team is one with high sense of hope that our tomorrow will be better than today because we would only stop trying when we are done and not when we are tired.

  1. Sulaiman Musemil Akande : The founder
  2. Adebayo Nasirudeen Damilola : The Managing Director
  3. Sulaiman Nafiu Akanni : Secretary
  4. Dauda Rafia : Member
  5. Sulaiman Naimot : Member
  6. Sulaiman Abdulazeem : Member
  7. Abdulazeez Aminat : Member
  8. Adebayo Sulaiman Akanbi : Member
  9. Abdulgafar Sodiq : Member
  10. Arogundade Maryam : Member