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LytSend Send Remittances At Lyt Speed

Africa Receives $20B yearly in remittances from her youthful citizens that work as migrants in the Gulf countries such as QATAR,UAE, OMAN,SAUDI ARABIA JORDAN and government agreements. Because the migrants are not allowed to own a bank account they rely on traditional channels such as western union to money gram to send the cash paid to them back to Africa to support their families. The migrants are charged exorbitant costs when sending remittances with up to 10% of the total amount sent as sending charges affecting how much they are able to send back home. The migrants have to move physically to send the remittances and not forgetting that during lockdowns they weren’t able to send. With LytSend, their employees can deposit their monthly payments into their Lytsend accounts using a public deposit wen app and they can send payments to the recipients directly from the mobile app to recipients mobile money account accounts instantly, 24/7 and at a fraction of the 10% they charge them.

Sectors Remittance
Location Kampala, Uganda
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