LV Digital, Lda – Comércio & Prestação de Serviços Revolution in the Education, Evolution of the Nation.

LV Digital is an Angolan Digital and technology-focused company that is specialized in content production, content translation for local internal eLearning Platforms (mostly for Businesses, more so banks) and distribution of local content via our own eLearning Platform.
LV Digital was born out of the belief and conviction that the biggest problem we face in Africa and in Angola specifically is not poverty or diseases, but it is the problems of attitude and lack of skills. To us, talent is distributed equally in the world; lack of opportunities to learn is what limits our people.

Stage Startup stage EST September 2018
Sectors Educational products, Educational services, Video production
Location Luanda, Angola
Markets Angola
Customer model B2B, B2C, Governments (B2G)
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