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Lopeer DeFi for Everyone

The problem:
Africa has been excluded from the global financial system for too long; sending & receiving payments in Africa has been a herculean task and cross-border payments in Africa have been a pain for most businesses and individuals living in Africa.
These have made Africans, especially the vibrant African youths to adopt cryptocurrencies especially peer-to-peer modes of transaction.
Unfortunately, most P2P platforms are tedious to use & none offer geolocation and physical meet features.

The Solution:
A Peer to Peer Crypto Exchange and DeFi App that will connect crypto enthusiasts with one another.
It will make trading of Cryptocurrencies easy by connecting Individuals who want to buy or sell Crypto with other Individuals in Close Proximity (Geolocation) or Virtually.
Lopeer will also offer quick and cheap cross-border payments across Africa by leveraging the decentralization and affordability of Crypto & Blockchain Technology.

Sectors Blockchain, Financial services, Fintech
Location Ibadan, Nigeria
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