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Logistics Hub NG Technology Limited Connecting businesses and the customers they serve


1) Anjolaoluwa Jegede (Founder/CEO)- Anjola is an entrepreneur who is passionate about building systems and solving every day customers needs. She founded Logistics Hub NG (LH) in 2019 as a pivot from her previous start up A17 Logistics, to provide technology – driven solutions for e-commerce businesses and food vendors.
2) Ogochukwu Odum (Co-Founder/COO) – He has built a high-performance operations team that manages fulfillment of orders using Logistics Hub owned and 3rd party owned bikes (100+). He is an investment banker that provides advisory to businesses and startups.
3) Dipo Oni (Product Lead) – Dipo is responsible for designing and developing technological strategies, processes and tools, to help achieve the company goals