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Lluvia Sólida New culture of optimizing, caring and taking advantage of water

Cover image of Lluvia Sólida, Animal farming venture on VC4A

Lluvia Sólida

Lluvia Sólida

Solid Rain is an irrigation system that takes advantage of and saves a lot of water, reduces irrigation frequencies and can be used in any type of plants, trees, crops, etc. It is a granulate that solidifies the water, leaving it as gelatin, placed in the root and keeps it hydrated for weeks without water, this takes the moisture of the solid rain according to its needs, after that time returns to its original form, rehydrating with the next irrigation or rain, repeating the process for up to 8 years according to its use. With the capacity to solidify up to 400 liters of rain water per kilo, it is installed at the root of any plant reducing infiltration and evaporation of water, making its use more efficient, keeping moisture for weeks without irrigation or rain, avoiding water stress in plants and not drying. Only the water that the plant takes is consumed, allowing water, fertilizer, money and labor savings. Oxygenates and vents the soil.

SectorsAnimal farming, Environmental services, Water utilities
LocationSantiago de Querétaro, Mexico
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