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Living Permaculture Redesigning home spaces and lives to function more like an ecosystem

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Living Permaculture

Living Permaculture

Our aim is to improve the living conditions of shack dwellers by innovating with them on how to benefit from their natural surroundings without damaging it, empowering them to teach their communities and guiding them as they become entrepreneurs with the knowledge we teach them.

Our current projects include insulation in the shacks, a rocket stove and solar cooker, a water filter, and a dry toilet. The planting of fruit and vegetables around individuals’ shacks is also an essential part of our project as we not only innovate with them to provide food for their families but the project empowers them to commercialize the excess.

Our team is fit for the project as we work with the Namibian Housing Group and the Shack dwellers federation. We have worked with a large number of shack dwellers with more showing interest and have worked extensively with 74 individuals.

We are looking for innovators to help us innovate with the community.

SectorsDiversified services, Food production, Water, sanitation and hygiene
LocationWindhoek, Namibia
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