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Leone Fresh Farms (LFF) Ltd is a company that is set to be producing high-quality Fresh Vegetables, Fruits, and Animal Products and also to be processing most of its products with high standards for Sierra Leone and the overseas market.
LFF wants to embark on the cultivation of Yam, Cassava, and Coco-yam in a large quantity for the Sierra Leone market to serve as a supplement food to rice in the country.
Rice is the staple food in Sierra Leone which has made LFF by the year, 2025 want to make Yam, Coco-yam, and cassava as other choices of food for everyone. Currently, in the country yam, coco-yam, and cassava are very expensive LFF wants to flood Yam in the market of Sierra Leone so that even 2 years old could be able to buy them with a coin. We want to use the Mini-set technology to propagate plenty of yam in different districts in Sierra Leone to be able to produce it in large quantities for the market and feed Sierra Leone with it in the form of new stable food.

Sectors Agribusiness, Animal farming, Crop farming, Food production
Location Freetown, Sierra Leone
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