LEAPFROG SOFTWARE TECHNOLOGY AFRICA PLC Bring solutions to African daily life inconvenience

Leapfrog technology Africa PLC has developed Ezibus software to bring solutions to the current challenges which face a country as an entire entity.
One of the sectors that government should focus is public transportation. The use of bus travelling is a large growing business in Ethiopia; the system used by bus reservation is presently time consuming by having to stay on a long queue. For this reason, an efficient system is to be proposed in this document to ease the issue of bus booking and related challenges.
Our mission is to make bus booking and payment simple and fast for the passengers and the operators by offering the benefit of total in-house management of bus schedules, ticket bookings, ticket sales, report generation, and other business functions associated with ticket sales, call center, 24h/7 days a week.
Our passenger centric system will benefit from the best technology to reach all users across Ethiopia including those that do not have internet access.

Stage Startup stage EST June 2020
Sectors Public transport
Location Ethiopia
Markets Ethiopia
Customer model B2B, B2B2C, B2B2G, B2C, Governments (B2G)
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