Le Rassembleur The Gatherer has one wish, solve your problems.

We are a Unipersonal Limited Liability Company (S.A.), with the objective of reducing unemployment and poverty in Africa, and particularly in the Democratic Republic of the Congo by creating jobs, while also carrying out economic activities.

We were officially authorised to carry out the wholesale and retail trade (of the products we manufacture), the transport of persons and goods, the import and export, the hotel industry, agriculture, mining and processing, the provision of computer products and services, the provision of services.

Gatherer is a broad vision that includes responses to problems related to physiological or survival needs. Currently we already have some partnerships. We remain open to all external commitments that can allow us to wait for our objective or those that are likely to facilitate our expansion or development.

SectorsAgribusiness, Transport and logistics, Water, sanitation and hygiene
LocationKinshasa, Congo, Democratic Republic of the
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