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Lazy Vegan Give yourself and the planet a break!

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Lazy Vegan

Lazy Vegan

Lazy Vegan’s mission is to make it easy for people to eat plant based. We believe that this is better for your health, for animal welfare and for the future quality of life on our planet. Therefor Lazy Vegan® creates and sells plant based ready meals, that can be found in the freezer isle of several (online) supermarkets. The meals consist only of natural ingredients and contain at least 200 gram of vegetables and 26 gram of protein. They are also free from soy, because their meat substitute is based on pea protein. But the best thing is: They are ready in 8 minutes! More and more people realise that plant based has health benefits and that it’s less harmful for the planet. Lazy Vegan meals are perfect for your busy (or lazy) days, when you don’t have time to cook but you do want to have a healthy and conscious dinner.

Sectors Retail and wholesale
Location Amsterdam, Netherlands
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