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Lakefarms and Fishing Lodge Limited Enjoy our fresh, delicious and healthy Kariba Breams and Crayfish!

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Lake Farms was founded out of a need to improve the livelihoods of the fishing communities in the Gwembe valley, especially women and youths, as well as improving nutrition in the consumer diets through increased access to fish products.

Fish is a source of essential nutrients in our diets, not only providing high value proteins, but more importantly also as a unique source of micronutrients and long chain omega-3 fatty acids.

Lakefarms purchases tilapia and crayfish from the fishermen and we provide them with the right fishing gears to ensure a sustainable ecosystem.

Lakefarms also offers better market prices for the fishermen in the co-operatives thus increasing their incomes and providing an access to market for the fish products.

SectorsAgribusiness, Fish farming, Food production
LocationSiavonga, Zambia
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