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LADi Morals Integrated FARMS "Sustainability" our priority!

Cover image of LADi Morals Integrated FARMS, Agritech venture on VC4A

LADi Morals Integrated FARMS

LADi Morals Integrated FARMS is a secured digital Marketplace that connects buyers to sellers of inputs, products and services in the Agricultural value chain, both within and outside Nigeria.

Our vision is to reduce post-harvest loses of food products in Nigeria by 10% in the next 10 years.

We make it positive for farmers to sell their products directly to the consumers without passing through the middle, this makes the goods more affordable to consumers at the same time reduced food waste (post-harvest loses) and also provides the farmers with timely income at a greater value.

Payment on the platform is secured and made through payment gateway. As a way to prevent fraud on the site, we ensure that payment is only made to the seller after he/she delivers 5he goods to the buyer base on the buyers specifications.

We our Marketplace, you can see a given products you need outside your country and it can be shipped to your location.

Sectors Agritech
Location Kaduna, Nigeria
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