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Lactih Cacao (Inamed, S. de R.L.) No-fault chocolate: Foodscience applied in cocoa-based products

Cover image of Lactih Cacao (Inamed, S. de R.L.), Food production venture on VC4A

MORE THAN NO FAULT CHOCOLATE, because we have reinvented chocolate products, creating new products with a unique and delicious taste but completely healthy and with enough cocoa to take advantage of the many benefits of this in our organism.
Cocoa is recognized as a super food and if it is processed in the right way this can be a lot of benefit for those who consume it. So we have created healthy but delicious products with a unique flavor, which allows us to show the world that we can take care of our health without sacrificing good taste.
We currently have 3 innovative product lines that allow us to bring health, energy, nutrition and taste to our customers.
We have a cold cocoa drink (cocoa soda); and two powdered products that are prepared instantly. They are practical products, but without losing the artisan and homemade taste, which are also free of preservatives and artificial additives.

Sectors Food production
Location Tegucigalpa, Honduras
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