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Laboratorio AYE S.r.l. Extraction of Essential oils and production of Natural Cosmetics

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Laboratorio AYE S.r.l.

Laboratorio AYE S.r.l.

We have been working on the extraction of essential oils and vegetables for more than 10 years, focusing on research and improvement of processes, in order to provide a high quality natural cosmetic line at affordable prices.
The company currently has more than 170 products of natural origin among them essential oils and vegetables, creams, shampoos, drinkable foods and many other related to face and body care. Promoting not only beauty but also a healthy lifestyle and 100% natural.
We work every day with local and national suppliers of the communities offering fair trade conditions, because we understand that it is the right way to build a country, respecting the environment, obtaining 100% natural and pure products.

Values ✓ Commitment to the environment. ✓ Quality of product ✓ Family and warm environment ✓ Fair trade ✓ constant innovation

SectorsDrugs and cosmetics, Food and beverage
LocationCochabamba, Bolivia
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