LA Huerta (Ecomercado S.r.l.) La Huerta, a lifestyle

We are in a world where the constant increase of the population has not gone from the pair of progressive and responsible growth of the food resources to satisfy said growth. This has prompted an incentive for the mass production of unhealthy foods that end up being consumed by people who cannot afford quality natural products. In this scenario, La Huerta is born, the first healthy micro-market chain in Bolivia with the aim of providing a first sales platform for that small producer who wants to show natural, organic and healthy products of quality but does not have the sophistication to reach the points of sale of mass commerce in a first instance. With over a thousand products, we have become the benchmark in the retail marketing of healthy food in Bolivia, with the aim that anyone can opt for this type of products, regardless of their income level.

SectorsFood and beverage, Retail
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