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Kwanzaa Ventures Kwanzaa Yogurt

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Malnutrition especially to the school aged children(1-15) is very high in my Country where vitamin A deficiency stand to 34%, stunting 31.8 and all over Sub-Saharan Countries.
We produce two products which are:
1. Kwanzaa yogurt -mixture of (Milk, Seaweed and Probiotic bacteria)
2. kwanzaa lishe -mixture of (Milk,Orange fleshed sweet potatoes powder, Seaweed and Probiotic bacteria)
Benefits of our products and uniqueness are;
1. Milk – source of vitamins inform of sold fat vitamins (A,D,E and K)
2. Seaweed – source of minerals eg. Ca, Zinc, P, Selenium and more essential and non-essential minerals
3. Orange Fleshed sweet potatoes – source of vitamin A inform of Beta carotene and other vitamins
4. Probiotic bacteria – reduce diarrhea, prohibits uncles from happening, keep children active while in class (Yoba foundation- Uganda)
These produced products try to solve the issue of malnutrition, milk post harvest loss and increase milk drinking habit to the comm

Sectors Food and beverage, Food production
Location Tanzania, United Republic of
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