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Kuri Bank Digital decentralized bank focused on smes and Worldwide Investments

Cover image of Kuri Bank, Blockchain venture on VC4A

Kuri Bank

Kuri Bank

Kuri Bank provides international investments through the blockchain with a fixed interest rate ranging from 6-10%/year and uses those funds to give loans to SMBs in Latin America. Latam Banking is the 2nd most profitable banking sector in the world but 70% of MSMBs in Latam are currently unable to access financial services. This equates to a $50B TAM across all of Latam that Kuri Bank can capture with their proprietary banking system and AI-based social credit score.
The founders have previous Latam FinTech experience in Ecuador where their previous venture was focused on microloans for university students. Today, Kuri Bank has a waitlist of 43 loan clients for more than $500K. They are incorporated in Ecuador and in the US (DE C-Corp) and raising a $1M pre-seed investment to accelerate growth into this massively underserved market.

SectorsBlockchain, Financial services, Fintech
LocationCuenca, Ecuador
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