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Kultivo Kultivo about producers to more efficient supply chains.

Cover image of Kultivo, Agritech venture on VC4A

Kultivo is a company that supports small and medium-sized farmers, who for their characteristics do not have access to larger supply chains. Example 1, Bayern sells its products to farmers with 1ha. They buy the product up to 5 “hands” making these inputs more expensive. We have organized a network of farmers to buy directly from Bayern per container. On average we reduce the cost of these inputs by 30%. Example 2, these same producers for their volumes do not have many options where to sell more than intermediaries. They are very small in volume for Subway or Walmart and do not have their own infrastructure such as sales, finance, safety, and issues needed to enter. We offer each farmer an option more than the intermediary; for a small fee in each transaction access these chains, financing, to consolidated purchases. Agriculture is not just sowing and harvesting; it involves interaction with the whole chain.

SectorsAgritech, Crop farming, Food production
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