Komboa Kenya's Largest Peer to Peer Car Sharing Platform

Komboa is Kenya’s largest peer-to-peer Car sharing platform. Komboa puts already owned, private vehicles to better use and challenges the traditional model of owning a private car. Komboa’s founders are firm believer is the Sharing Economy, where people are beginning to think differently about car ownership and mobility; having access to a car now does not necessarily mean needing to own a vehicle. Similarly, mobility is not restricted to one mode of transportation, with trips becoming more multi-modal.
Komboa is designed to solve one major problem: Overpopulation on Kenyan Roads. Kenya’s transport systems is broken down and very inefficient, brought about by overpopulation. Sharing cars via Komboa is the best solution for reducing this inefficiency. For every 1 car shared on Komboa, 10 care are removed from the road. This reduces the number of cars on the road, and in return leads to improved efficiency in the transport system.

Sectors Transport and logistics
Location Nairobi, Kenya
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