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Knock knock We help the Deaf listen


Esther Mueni – CEO Esther has a background in program and product management and has run various communities. Her skill in managing these communities cements her role in the team in implementing our vision. She is also conversant with the Deaf culture and knows sign language. Mwaniki Ngatia – COO Mwaniki is a co-founder of Niko radius, a successful start-up that is about 5 years old. He has also been a sign language interpreter for about 5 years and understands the Deaf culture. His experience both in the start-up and interpretation has equipped him with the skills necessary to lead general operations in the team. Brian Olasya – CTO Brian is an IoT engineer with over 4 years of experience in the field. He has worked on numerous IoT projects as well as led several technical projects as the senior engineer. This experience puts in in a good position to lead our technical team and ensure that all technicalities in our products run smoothly.