KMD Technical Services We produced 100% natural fruit juices

KMD Fruit juices are a major player in the 100% Natural Healthy Fruit Juices business with over a year of existence in Lagos, Nigeria, and we are committed to promoting a healthy lifestyle.
KMD juice is putting the squeeze on the high-end fruit juice market, spruiking the flavor and health benefits of its non-pasteurized, “fresher taste, high nutritional” product.
The one-year-old brand has taken a novel approach to carve a niche in the premium bottled juice market, marketing its production technique when its competitors promote provenance, either for the fruit-growing district or organic status.
Pure, fresh taste is the pitch. The company has almost 20 variants with no preservatives or sweeteners, including single-variety apple products – with gin-clear juices and a range of mixed juices.

StageStartup stage EST November 2019
SectorsEvents, Food production, Hospitality
LocationEjigbo, Nigeria
Customer modelB2B2C
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