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KLM PRO Automotive maintenance and maintenance (Garage)

Nowadays, the vehicle is badly badly needed because it is a source of pollution on the one hand and its price is expensive on the other hand, necessary because it contributes not only to our comfort but it allows to provide logistics, transport of goods and people. To all say, we cannot imagine a world without a vehicle.
However, it is an urgent necessity to take account of the good technical health of our vehicles, this good health requires preventive and curative maintenance of quality and is in line with the standards and practices recommended by different manufacturers, so as to make up for even the climatic problems that do not save any country in the world, which is, moreover, the result of the use of alternative solutions of reliable management more than ever envisaged.
The main objective is not only to provide a preventive and curative character for efficient maintenance but also to optimise road safety

Sectors Automotive, Electronics, Transport and logistics
Location Congo, Democratic Republic of the
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