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South Africa is an emerging and developing country depending on mining industries; yet it is also a big producer of waste. In addition, South Africa has to deal with climate change, deforestation and the pollution of water resources. Therefore our team would like to manufacture a biological product capable to purify wastewater and also to provide services to maintain equipments for agricultural purposes.
There is a need to investigate alternative wastewater treatment technologies that will be cheap and fast with low energy requirement. Briefly, we are offering services aimed at the purification of polluted soil and groundwater.
Our unique selling point is the fact that environmentally friendly halophilic bacterial strains for the purification of the wastewater are used along with the solar panel as source of energy that powers the bioreactor.

Stage Startup stage EST May 2019
Sectors Agribusiness
Location South Africa
Markets South Africa
Customer model B2B, B2C
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