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Keyngs Stan Promotion Agency will be managed by the Chief executive officer of the company Mr David Agu and partner Mr Uchechukwu Uwalaka.

Mr David is a network marketing experts with years of experience in the network marketing field and worked as a regional coordinator for an international Network Marketing company called Jamalife Helpers Global for years now.

Mr Uchechukwu Uwalaka has years of experience in the media and advertising field and has worked with one of the biggest radio stations in the entire southeast Nigeria (Vision Africa Radio Umuahia) for over 10 and served as the Head of a major department in the station.

We are hoping on getting on deck more capable hands to push the vision as soon we get the funds to
As we get the funds to


  • uwalaka uchechukwu
    uwalaka uchechukwu
    Director | University
  • David Agu