Kelly-Daniel Oshiogwemue International Positioning brands for excellence and maximum returns

There’s no firm in the communications industry within Sapele,Delta state that offers all the resources that most businesses required for their communications and marketing needs, and the cost of traveling out of Sapele becomes an unavoidable business expense. This is why Kelly-Daniel Oshiogwemue International is providing brands with an overall cost saving solutions through it’s multichannel business communications, marketing and commercial printing solutions that focuses on customer’s needs, leveraging on web technology and print production. By implementing an aggressive marketing strategy, increased customer base and adequate cash flow planning, we’ll increase sales revenue to about $21,125(N8,640,000) while maintaining a profit margin of 30% per year. To finance the business expansion plan, we seek a loan of $12,500(N5,000,000) to assist in new print and digital technology acquisition and marketing strategy implementation and hiring/training of additional employees.

Sectors3D printing, Consulting and business development, Creative, media and entertainment
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