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Keddie Botanics Consumption of herbal teas for both enjoyment and medicinal benefits.

Cover image of Keddie Botanics, Agribusiness venture on VC4A

Rise of diseases currently is so alarming.There are many lifestyle diseases coming up which results in rise in mortality rates.Therefore Keddie Botanics came up with a solution of reducing lifestyle diseases such as diabetes, high blood pressure,stroke and obesity through consumption of herbal tea. Consuming herbal tea is a great way of getting important nutrients,medical constituents into your body.
Herbs grow naturally without addition of chemicals and once dried they have a long shelf life since the moisture content has been reduced to prevent deterioration of the product.
The herbal teas have been packed in powder or tea bag form thus making it easier to make an infusion.Consumption of herbal teas will exert gentle effects on the body.They stimulate a person’s natural defenses against disease and thus work best as a preventative or for minor chronic conditions such ad cold, headache or indigestion.
The good thing is that you can consume the herbal tea for enjoyment also.

Sectors Agribusiness, Food and beverage
Location Intersection, Kenya
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