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KAWU NEO Bank for Africacn Students.

Cover image of KAWU, Fintech venture on VC4A

Students in Uganda and EastAfrica are not allowed to cary phones in schools which renders them financially excluded in the mobile money economy.
students can not directly receive or use any DFS to Save, make payment or keep their money (upkeep) but only too keep it as cash which is very exposed to theft, over expenditure and inability to save.
Parents can not directly interact with their students financially while they are in school due to the digital divide between them.
Kawu forwards you to the future of parent to student financial interaction by availing the safest way to send and manage upkeep.
With just the Kawu Smart card, the student can receive, pay for goods and service, save and access their upkeep all with no need for digital devices and with the Kawu App the parent can directly send upkeep to their children, manage expenditure by receiving realtime notifications about all students transactions and ability to set a withdraw for the student.

Sectors Fintech
Location Kampala, Uganda
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