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Kawilab Energy systems Inclusive Financing for Last Mile distribution of clean cooking

Access to clean energy has been a stumbling block to the socio-economic and environmental sustainability of the African continent. With over 75% of its population using kerosene, wood, and charcoal for cooking and lighting. This increases the concentration of greenhouse gases to the atmosphere and frustrates global efforts of climate change mitigation. This is also the population less equipped to withstand the effects of climate change making it so difficult for them to adapt to the changing climate. To solve this rampant problem kawilab Energy systems recycles plastics to develop devices that are used to recycle organic waste into clean energy. The energy generated is used for cooking and lighting and saves users time and money. This gives them an opportunity to connect with other economic opportunities to help them better adapt to climate change and join the efforts of climate change mitigation

Sectors Clean technology and energy, Renewable energy
Location Nairobi, Kenya
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