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Disposal of harvested hyacinth from the lake at the Lake Shores is associated with a number of consequences. It has been associated with cholera outbreaks, air pollution, contamination of water bodies and poor sanitation. In addition the plant segment drift back to the lake where they propagate into more plants worsening navigation and survival in water bodies. As a result quality of life and income has been greatly disrupted resulting in soar poverty levels.
Therefore, this project aims to improve quality of life and income among affected communities by transforming the harvested water hyacinth into an organic fertilizer with ready market and eliminating the above consequences. Well as project will improve the socio-economic status of lake shore communities through demonstration training and mentoring on the transformation of the dumped water hyacinth into quality organic fertilizer, it will on the other hand bridge the insufficient fertilizer gap in East Africa.

SectorsAgrichemicals, Manufacturing, Waste management and recycling
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