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Kajud Coconuts Heavily involved in the Coconut Value Chain Production.

The coconut global value chain (GVC) is at a critical juncture, characterized by a rapidly growing demand
in global markets and a stagnant supply base in danger of collapse in origin countries. Market demand is
rising for traditional and non-traditional coconut products across the three ‘chain strands’: coconutsfood chain, coconuts-‘sports drink’ chain, and coconuts-chemicals chain. In the coconutschemical chain, the traditional export product, coconut oil, is used as a feedstock in manufacturing
oleochemicals. Consumer preference for ‘naturalness’ in personal care and
cosmetic markets has expanded the demand for oleochemicals, which account for nearly 45-50% of
coconut oil consumption worldwide (BCC Research, 2015). In the coconuts-‘sports drink’ chain, coconut
water has remarkably grown to an estimated US$1.36 billion market in 2014 and is projected to grow at
more than 25% per year over 2015-2025, reaching approximately $4billion in 2019.

SectorsAgribusiness, Food production, Manufacturing
LocationBadagry, Nigeria
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