JuaAgriTechKe JuaAgriTechKe is an agribussiness venture, majors in vegetable growing

JuaAgriTechKe is an Agribusiness venture owned and operated by two young innovative entrepreneurs, It’s located near Rwarera Primary School along Ruiri-Isiolo Road in Kenya.We major in vegetables farming to bridge the gap of tomatoes, capsicums and onions supply in Kenyan market. Our market targets; schools, supermarkets, store chains and retail shops. We have managed to establish one acre of tomatoes under Drip Irrigation System and half an acre of onions under Farrow Irrigation. We also offer other complimentary Services such as Drip Installation, Solar Water Pumps System Installation, Farming Advisory Services .Our business has a great potential since it employs use of modern farming technologies. JuaAgriTechKe doesn’t solely rely on rain fed Agriculture which is a major draw back in a normal Agricultural setup. Our aim is to use Technology to provide food security in Arid areas. Our objective is to leverage on Sustainable Agricultural production though Innovation and Technology.

Secteurs Agri-entreprise, Agriculture animale, Culture agricole
Emplacement Kenya
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