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Jombba A Better life


Nyomi Blaise
Cofounder / CEO Jombba Diploma in Accounting and Business from ACCA. 7 years in business management,accounting, marketing. Founder of Nyomiifood.

Bertrand Bayuga
Co-founder/ COP jombba, BSc in marketing. 5 years’ experience in supply chain management, 5+ years in cryptocurrncy.

Kelvin Njie
CMO,BSc in marketing. 2 years’ experience in social media ads, public speaking, Sales techniques, marketing channels.

Miss Angelle
CFO, BSc in Accounting.
1 years’ experience in book keeping, bank reconciliations, reparation of tax returns, invoice, financial reports.

Miss Hanna
Secretary/customer service, BSc in Management. 6 months experience in secretariat duties in Jombba.